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Comic 199 - Page 176

27th May 2016, 1:00 PM in Chapter 6: "Scars of the Past"
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Page 176

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Author Notes:

27th May 2016, 1:00 PM
I think Jeriah is catching on here. X'D


27th May 2016, 1:26 PM
Haha. Yeah. You know what happened. Some smoochie smoochie. Yeah. Member that? :P
Yay! The first to comment! :D
27th May 2016, 2:24 PM
Can you imagine if you had a dream about kissing your crush only to find out in RL that that person was ACTUALLY in your dream? X'D AWKWARD!
30th May 2016, 7:54 AM
Next move is simple enough. Do it again.
30th May 2016, 10:18 AM
And again and again... >_> Somehow I don't think that's gonna happen though, lol.
27th May 2016, 1:30 PM
I adore this page so much! Jeriah is SO cute!! Hahaha I can only imagine how embarrassed he must feel hehe. Annabelles expression is perfect <33
27th May 2016, 2:24 PM
Ha ha, thanks! I am trying to achieve maximum cuteness here, yus! X3
27th May 2016, 1:34 PM
That "dream" was more real than you might think. ;)
27th May 2016, 2:25 PM
Ha ha, hopefully that dream where you don't have pants in front of the class wasn't? Oh wait... Jeriah hasn't had pants for a loooong time now. X'D
27th May 2016, 1:53 PM
The cuteness. ..i can't. ..O___o >\\\<
27th May 2016, 2:25 PM
MUCHO CUTENESS! Only more to come! XD
27th May 2016, 4:24 PM
I almost feel like they should suddenly burst out into song at the end there as though in a animated Disney film.
27th May 2016, 6:31 PM
Love is an open doooooooooooooooor~
27th May 2016, 11:25 PM

No, that song already belongs to Serpy and I! <3
27th May 2016, 9:46 PM
AW! QwQ are these two finally going to get together?? could it be....? X3
27th May 2016, 11:26 PM
Looks like it's gonna happen finally! :D
27th May 2016, 10:31 PM
Slim Kittens
I think these two need some privacy for a little while.
27th May 2016, 11:26 PM
Ha ha, they wouldn't know what to DO with privacy right now. X'D
28th May 2016, 3:32 AM
Can dreams transcend to real life? Yes, yes, please!
28th May 2016, 9:09 AM
Annabelle is hoping. XD
28th May 2016, 6:21 AM
Remember about protection kids :D
28th May 2016, 9:09 AM
About what? I'm pretty sure no one has a clue about anything. X'D
28th May 2016, 6:48 AM
Matt Knab
I, um... dreamed I could fly? WEIRD RIGHT? >.>
28th May 2016, 9:10 AM
LOL It would crush Annabelle to hear that. X'D (But it would be pretty funny, lol.)
28th May 2016, 2:12 PM
Just saying, now`s a perfect time to make that dream come true, guys. ;D
28th May 2016, 2:49 PM
LOL Dreams CAN come true! <3
28th May 2016, 2:26 PM
I really love the subtle facial expressions here and throughout this sequence. You really have the 'less is more' principle down to a T.
28th May 2016, 2:49 PM
Thanks! Drawing those subtle expressions is something I really enjoy doing. ^-^
29th May 2016, 11:43 PM
She's all sorts of in the know about your dream, bro. All sorts of in the know.
30th May 2016, 10:17 AM
You don't even KNOW how much she is in the KNOW.
6th Jun 2016, 9:08 PM
By the way, thanks to this magic crystal ball, we were able to see everything inside the dream. congratulations on your...success!
8th Jun 2016, 7:57 PM
As if they would need to be any more embarrassed about the situation. X'D
11th Jun 2016, 4:39 AM
Oh good. He seems to remember. I was worried for a while that he wouldn't have any recollection of the dream. but his blushing face is very telling. :DD
11th Jun 2016, 8:33 PM
lol Yeah. There is no way he can get out of this, ha ha.
7th May 2018, 6:37 PM
That look in the last panel says a lot about what's going through their minds. :3
7th May 2018, 8:43 PM
Annabelle is totally on board. Jeriah is... figuring this all out. XD
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