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Comic 118 - Page 101

30th Oct 2014, 12:44 PM in Chapter 4: "Escape from Blackbird Canyon"
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Page 101

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Author Notes:

30th Oct 2014, 12:44 PM
Come on, Theodore. She found out like almost 40 pages ago that Jeriah was a werewolf. Try to keep up, will ya? >_>


30th Oct 2014, 12:48 PM
Ooooh Se.....erm....Ahem *blushes* Jeriah Slave!!!!
Sorry please forgive me....XD
30th Oct 2014, 2:11 PM
If I was Annabelle, I would totally use this necklace to make him do stuff... like brushing my hair ;3
30th Oct 2014, 2:15 PM
Yah yah that's totally what i meant...
30th Oct 2014, 2:30 PM
Matt Knab
Now I'm picturing a werewolf trying to brush your hair. XD
30th Oct 2014, 2:32 PM
30th Oct 2014, 8:58 PM
HA HA Oh, you guys! XD
31st Oct 2014, 2:05 AM
31st Oct 2014, 6:36 AM
HA HA Oh boy... Cannot unsee... XD
30th Oct 2014, 12:50 PM
A very convenient crystal to have indeed.
30th Oct 2014, 8:58 PM
Convenient, yes. But in the wrong hands... could be a very bad thing. >___>
30th Oct 2014, 2:12 PM
Let's hope she doesn't lose that necklace at a dramatically appropriate moment...

Awesome stuff as usual, Alicia!
30th Oct 2014, 8:58 PM
Thanks! Yes, Annabelle had better keep a hold of that necklace. >___>;
30th Oct 2014, 2:21 PM
Haha.Tell him like it is! You ain't dumb. Good on ya Annabelle. ;)
30th Oct 2014, 8:59 PM
Somebody's gotta explain SOMETHING. lol
30th Oct 2014, 3:36 PM
Aw, Annabelle is so cute I cant take it. Lol XD
30th Oct 2014, 9:00 PM
I have managed to draw Annabelle more consistently cute lately for some reason... X3
30th Oct 2014, 5:32 PM
Ability to control him? else can we add awkward tension to these two? XD
30th Oct 2014, 9:00 PM
Oh, you just wait until the next page. XD
30th Oct 2014, 10:16 PM
Slim Kittens
This page needs one more panel to follow the last one: Annabelle blushing, Jeriah scowling, and everybody else laughing.
31st Oct 2014, 6:36 AM
Who is to say I didn't put something like that on the NEXT page? XD
30th Oct 2014, 11:25 PM
Oh gosh, the way she says it in the last panel is rather blunt XD;; though I suppose still very true.

But yay, happy reunion time :D <3 (But how long before Abraham comes and ruins it all? Boo)
31st Oct 2014, 6:37 AM
Ha ha yeah. Sometimes Annabelle is strangely blunt. She did something like this at the Lunar Ruins when she excitedly told everyone that a blood sacrifice is needed for the crystal too. XD

Hm, yes. How long indeed? >_____>;
31st Oct 2014, 9:42 AM
I love seeing them all together and smiling.
31st Oct 2014, 10:19 AM
Yes, Theodore's smile is especially heart-warming. XD
31st Oct 2014, 7:33 PM
Theo, you're such a pessimist. :|
31st Oct 2014, 9:29 PM
Indeed. (It might even be his middle name.)
1st Nov 2014, 4:30 PM
Theo's such a nerd. (maybe i should stop reading current pages until i've caught up on the backstory!!!! *arms flailing wildly*) i want to see the next page tho! :3
1st Nov 2014, 10:13 PM
Ha ha yeah, he is. XD And yes, I recommend you don't read any more pages until you've glanced at the others. Stuff's about to happen. BIG stuff. >_____>; I m-mean, er... it will all make more sense if you know about the parts before it?
2nd Nov 2014, 6:54 PM
MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! SILVER BINGE (ENJOYABLY) COMPLETED!! Now I know EVERYTHING!! >:D I am ready for next page now senpai! :DD
seriously tho, I love this story! The pacing is great, the characters are really likeable and (even Abraham!lol) the story is easy to follow but still catches you off guard with so many interesting twists! :D the whole thing really pulls you in and keeps the pages turning. Love love love!! Nice work!! :D :D :D
3rd Nov 2014, 8:17 AM
Aw, thanks! It's comments like this that make me eager to get working on the next page! Thank you! :D

Okay, Grasshopper, you are now ready for the next page... XD
1st Nov 2014, 10:53 PM
I really like your art. :D The way you glint the eyes even when they're under a shadow is a nice touch.

I think a couple of the word balloons in panels 2,4 & 5 might look a bit better if they were moved slightly further from the character or from the face, but that's a very minor detail.
2nd Nov 2014, 10:35 AM
Thanks! Can you tell that eyes are my favorite thing to draw and word balloons are my LEAST favorite thing to draw? XD I think with my next comic, I'll be adding the word balloons digitally. That might fix the strange placement problems I get when I draw them by hand. x___x

Thanks for the feedback! ^.^
3rd Nov 2014, 9:26 PM
Yeah, I've been doing my comics all digital, so I actually place the dialogue first and then draw my sketch and sometimes I'll tweak the dialogue if I'm having difficulty getting the sketch into the space where I want it. I personally find it easier to make sure that everything flows this way, doing the lettering first, which is the reverse of the way comics are traditionally made.
4th Nov 2014, 3:43 PM
OOohh so many possibilitys .. why didn't this show that it was updated !! *cries*
5th Nov 2014, 3:48 PM
Huh, dunno? But yeah, I don't even think Annabelle realizes the potential she's got with this thing. XD
5th Nov 2014, 3:49 PM
Thats because shes too nice .. this isn't a bad thing.. :D
6th Nov 2014, 4:40 AM
I like the outline you did for Takoda's profile in panel 2! :D Theo's glasses are pretty crazy in panel 3 though. I love glasses but I also hate drawing them because of THIS reason..XD

Also all of Theo's dialogue is GOLD <333 Hehehe. Man he's so full of LOVE and EMOTION, it's blinding!!
6th Nov 2014, 8:39 AM
Yeah, oops. Theodore's glasses are always super inconsistent, and now they even defy physical logic. Oh well. XD

Yes, much love coming from Theodore. He even said how he was glad that Jeriah stayed "healthy." He truly cares. <3
7th Nov 2014, 3:23 PM
Uh... It's nice for you to explain how the crystal works Annabelle but how about doing it somewhere where people can't over hear you... I just have a very bad feeling that something is gonna happen real soon...
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